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Latest information about the beneficial effects of vitamin C. This is where you'll find our case studies, clinical trial results and tips from our experts who include doctors and fully qualified nutritionists!

  • Enhancing Immunity – Four Essential Nutrients

    Enhancing Immunity – Four Essential Nutrients


    Thanks to the natural world we have an abundance of food and plant compounds that have the potential to fight infections and reduce inflammation, almost too many to choose from! To keep it simple we’ve cherry-picked four potent supplements that are universally known and supported by robust evidence. Top of the list in the winter months should be vitamin C followed closely by vitamin D and zinc. To really ensure you stand a good chance of countering the damaging effects of unhealthy pathogens,...

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  • Prime Your Seasonal Defences with NEUTRIENT TOTAL C

    Prime Your Seasonal Defences with NEUTRIENT TOTAL C


    We've got some exciting news brewing at Neutrient, and it's not your average supplement launch. Get ready to meet the superhero of the supplement world – NEUTRIENT TOTAL C! a total game-changer in the quest for optimal health and seasonal defence.

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    Phospholipids are naturally occurring fatty substances that provide structure, flexibility and protection to cells. They possess water-loving heads and water-hating tails, which enable them to arrange themselves into parallel layers forming a phospholipid bilayer, which makes up the cell membrane. This phospholipid membrane maintains strong barriers between the cell and its external environment. The liposomes used in Altrient products are made from essential phospholipids that include a high...

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